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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Our Journey

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Blogging is a very time-consuming project.  Getting started is a process that takes work.  I have sat in front of this computer for many hours  searching, thinking, obsessing over what I want to achieve by blogging.  I have always been a dreamer and schemer.  Lots of ideas in this head of mine.  I have been lucky to dabble with my ideas.  I have the drive to get things running but no want to see things through.  This is another one of my “projects” consuming my time.  I am very fortunate that I am able to pursue my flights of fancy.  Though my mother thinks I should aspire for more MONEY.  I have many ways to make more of it but again the drive is not there.  I am very happy being able to pay my bills and do what I want with my free time.  I have no desire to be some drone in some big corporate office. 

Give me my house, my dirt, that hates me by the way and family and I am happy happy happy!

So this is where it began.  A plain townhouse that husband decided he did not want to live in any more.  So the search began and what a search.  I did not want to deal with an HOA, and in today’s society the closer the house the better for the developer.  Cram everyone into a sardine can of a sub-division with no trees, no way not  for me!

So out to Durham we go, you see  I am not interested in paying for a Raleigh address.  I want open space that still has trees.  I want to see critters and plant a garden!  And I want my clothesline back.

  I knocked the first one down backing up with the truck…oops!  Still haven’t got around to rectifying my accident.  I refuse to live without it so I nailed it to the tree until we get around to fixing it. The next undertaking was the vegetable garden.  Tilled, trucked in dirt, planted and nothing, nada,  no bounty that year. The perennial garden did good.  But little did I know that the plants my friend gave me were all invasive specimens.  Looked great but now I have to pull most out and put them somewhere else.

First year

One corner of the garden this year.

So this journey will continue.  With dirty nails , bug bites and whatever may come with it.  But I will prevail in my quest to living simpler, one step at a time. 

Won’t you join me please ?