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Dead ant dead ant dead ant

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Need I say more….the dreadful ant is invading our space.  This spring I had the wagon train going up and down the side of the upper cabinet.  Roosting in the attic?  Why and how would ants take up residence in the attic?  Nipped that  commune in the bud with this great liquid ant cup from AMDRO.  Must have been honey in that ant cup because once one got a taste he signaled his pals.  I had a small marching army going up and down the cabinet for the day….next day there was less… after  there were  none.  The new liquid was like a virus to them.

Now I am dealing with the dreaded fire ant.  Mean nasty things they are.  And while I do not want to use pesticides there are times you just have to  do the deed and POISON them!  If you like to work in your yard there is nothing more annoying than finding a hidden mound while wearing flip-flops.  Next thing you know you are doing the dance trying to get them off you.  They bite fast…leave you itching for a time…then you get these nasty pus filled pimples.  Yes very nasty….and a danger, especially for someone helpless to get away from them. 

Now I read about the  hairy ant that is making its way from the south-west to the south-east.  Can’t be controlled, even with electrocution!  But they do kill the fire ants….way to go….yes…but we still need to find a way to eradicate this pest.

As I said before I hate to use pesticides but I am glad they are available when needed.  Ants and roaches have no place in a civilized world. ..well maybe some ants but not all and definitely not a roach!


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After 50 years I finally have a clue! And I want to live a more earth friendly life. I will post interesting tips, scary facts and news worthy information for you to begin to minimize your carbon footprint or maybe just put some of your hard earned dollars back in your pocket and not in some foreign corp's pocket. Let's live more like our grandparents with pride and dignity. Do not be one who aspires to grab the golden ring, more than likely it is a golden goose egg. My motto: reuse, recycle, repurpose! Or if you don't get the green concept ask your conscience, "do I really need it?" Check out where it all began!

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