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Shrooms anyone?

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shrooms a bloom

Just another wonder from the great Carolina dirt!  How do these grow in the nasty clay ground with no assistance from me?  I plant vegetables, nourish them, talk to them and nada….I blame the dirt.  But we are rectifying that with one beauty of a raised bed that hubby is working on. 

New raised veggie bed.

So back to the mushrooms.    After  a few days of rain this week,  I noticed these funny spikes in the yard.  Lo and behold I have  mushrooms growing.   Lots and lots of mushrooms.   So onto the web I go to see what specimen I have growing out back.   I have decided upon close inspection of the pictures I found on the INTERNET that they are ringless honey mushrooms.  So much for having to forage for  delectable fungi,  I have them growing in masses 15 feet from the back door.

It is said that they are edible,  you just have to cook them properly.  My husband looks at me with fear in his eyes “you’re not going to cook those are you”.   No worry hubby, I want to live another day…just in case my identifying of them is wrong!

This weekend I must have dug up 10 mounds of them.  Let’s see how they grow in the brush next year.  Maybe by then I will be more confident in my ability to identify the native shroom!


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