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What? Still no lights!

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At the mercy of the lines!

My oh my do we ever rely on gas, electricity, oil, etc.   I have yet in my 50+ years to experience having my utility lifeline severed.  I do though have complete sympathy for those who have been forced due to the weather, to live without power.  I truly believe that from here on in we are going to live at the “mercy of the weather”. 

I feel the dramatic changes we have seen in the weather are here to stay.  It is understood that societies’ reliance on utilities has caused many of us to become complacent.  If you have never had to go without,  how can you know what it’s going to be like?  Even the choice to live a greener or more sustainable life will not have most of us looking to live such a primitive life.

Being  born and raised in the north I have many friends and family who have seen their share of catastrophic weather this year.  From a tornado in the summer to the snowtober event of last week they have had to endure considerable amounts of time without electricity.  Keeping tabs on many of them has forced me to think about the real effect this loss of power can have on a household.

While my elderly father has a wood stove, I forgot he had a well and septic, this means no water because the pump runs by electricity.  He is forced to truck by pail snow up to bathroom tub so they can have water to flush.  Just a simple flush becomes a  problem.  The old rule of letting the yellow mellow is being observed, you can not go weeks without flushing.   A basic routine for most of us.

 Living without lights for a few days is survivable, but thinking about all the other so called necessities we now use to get through the day makes one realize that preparing for these events takes strong will.   Being prepared to live without our cell phones that need charging, the refrigerators that need to stay cold, the generators that should be the saving grace, even needs gas to run….and if you can’t get the gas from the service station because the power is out well then you are the SOL.

It is times like these that push some of us to consider what we can do  to make life a bit less inconvenient when we lose our power source.  It has been done  many many years before us and can be done again with a little old thing call ingenuity.  A basic move is to have foods that do not need so much preparation.  More fruits and vegetables that do not need to be kept in the fridge would help in a situation like this and would even slim a few waistlines!

Another simple a tip I found  online, if you use solar lights  in your yard they can be a source of safe indoor light when it gets dark.   I know it is just a matter of time before I get to experience life without power, hopefully it will not impact me as much since I am working to live a simpler life.  I will be jonesing on the loss of the net though!

Got any other great ideas?  Let me know.


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After 50 years I finally have a clue! And I want to live a more earth friendly life. I will post interesting tips, scary facts and news worthy information for you to begin to minimize your carbon footprint or maybe just put some of your hard earned dollars back in your pocket and not in some foreign corp's pocket. Let's live more like our grandparents with pride and dignity. Do not be one who aspires to grab the golden ring, more than likely it is a golden goose egg. My motto: reuse, recycle, repurpose! Or if you don't get the green concept ask your conscience, "do I really need it?" Check out where it all began!

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