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After 50 years I finally have a clue about being kind to the earth, even when it’s not kind to you!  As New England transplant now living under the Carolina blue sky, I am trying to be patient and see what I can get out of this 1 acre plot.  I came from less.  I had a  50×100 lot with a few tomato, cucumber and bean plants on it.  Years before I had ripped out all the perennials, shrubs and bushes.  Young and dumb is what I chalk that move up to.

We came to NC for a warmer climate and for my husband to play golf more often.  We ended up in a 1000 sq. ft. condo, that after a year he hated.  So on to home ownership again.  We sold everything needed for a house when we moved to a CONDO.  Thanks to Garage Brothers in Cary, NC  Craig had everything  we needed to BUY again!  We bought a nice big ranch 2x’s the size of our MA home and today we are in Durham, NC.  Durham is very much like Springfield, MA where we came from.  Very diverse, but offering something for everyone.  Big colleges do that for an area.  In the Pioneer Valley in Wester MA we had UMass, Smith, Amherst, Hampshire and several more.  These attract big business and great business incubators.  Great thinking and progressive attitudes are commonplace in both areas.  I feel that I  am in the best place now here in Durham, NC .  No SNOW, well most of the time that is!

Our acre

So please follow my blog!  I hope to inspire and enlighten my readers to become  more conscious green citizens.  We have everything to gain and nothing to lose by reducing our carbon footprint.


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