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Life Inc. – Family of three lives well on $20,000 a year

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Life Inc. – Family of three lives well on $20,000 a year.


Stink bugs bothering you? Delaware Twp. man invents a trap you can make |

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Stink bugs bothering you? Delaware Twp. man invents a trap you can make |

No more paper napkins here!

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Napkin Basket

Yes, they think I am crazy.  I am not buying paper napkins again.  I have decided that there is way to much waste going on here.  Not really but there is always room for improvement and this is a good product to eliminate.

I have been cleaning out the house looking for items to reuse, recycle,  repurpose etc.  I have used old t/shirts for the obvious  dust rags, cleaning rags, even a dog toy from a knotted one.  This time I cut them into squares for cloth napkins.  Wa la soft , reusable napkins.  The husband and son refuse to use them.  Husband likes his sleeve better, he told me.  Son, well he is just plain ornery at times.

They are soft and they smell nice and fresh, I still use fabric softeners.  Can’t make all the sacrafices at once you know.  I did try to buy some real but basic cloth napkins at my local thift store but they must have thought they were made from a fancy cloth of gold threads, because the price was higher than buying them in Walmart NEW.  Plus I had just bought 15 branded sweat shirts and other assorted warm weather “I am not turning on the heat” clothes,  from their bargain bin @25 cents a piece.  Even scored a brand new nike golf polo for my son.

So you can imagine my distain when ten  8×8  cloth napkins we  going to cost me 50 cents a piece.  Nope forget the fancy ones…I like my soft old t/shirt napkins. I still may be able to change hubby’s mind too!  After all it is  one of his old shirts, just not the sleeve!

What would life be like without TWarner, Comcast, Charter, etc. ?

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A good idea.

If I could I would! Cut the cable immediately.  But I can’t.  The other’s in the house would surely have my head.  I am thinking of going to a pay per view format…they pay me to be able to view it.  The appeal of a nice vacation in lieu of terrible television is so on the money.  Along with the fact if there was something to watch the only channel this TV seems to get is ESPN, it is actually programmed to come on to ESPN.  Sports and more sports. 

How did it get this way.  Why do we pay so much to be entertained by CRAP.  Jersey Shore, Housewives from where ever, Snooki…Pleaseeeeeee!  Kids don’t read anymore and  adults don’t move from the set, everybody is glued to a tv set or dvr.  Now I won’t say I never watch it,  most of the time it’s used as background noise.  And yes that is a waste of energy.  Cutting the cord is hard but I am working towards it. It is the others in the household that refuse to make the break.  It would be nice if you could just add the channel you want…cable a la carte.  A basic package for your area and a small fee for access to any other big network.  That’s the ticket!

I want my $100+ dollars in my pocketbook!

Here are few options to ridding yourself of the big cable bill.

Life’s too short for TV.


Is it time to pull the plug on Cable TV?

Antenna TV

There are some options available to explore.  Hopefully I can get some relief from the cable bill and the golf membership.  I know there is a beach chair waiting somewhere with my name on it.