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Why We Should Avoid Backyard Trash Burning | Eartheasy Blog

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Why We Should Avoid Backyard Trash Burning | Eartheasy Blog.


15,000 Square Foot Urban Farm Goes Portable | Your Olive Branch News – yobo

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15,000 Square Foot Urban Farm Goes Portable | Your Olive Branch News – yobo.

Rain Barrel Question?

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I was reading Your Farm in the City by Lisa  Taylor and  there was information stating that rainwater from rooftops might be toxic.  Any one ever hear such a thing?   I have  two 300 gallon barrels and would hate to think that the water in them could be toxic.  I do use it for my vegetable garden.  Advice anyone?

Big water saver for little $$$.

Here leaves, there leaves, nothing but leaves, leaves, leaves!

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We made good work on Saturday getting in a bit of yard work before dark by blowing and mulching the leaves in the yard.  I mowed part of the lawn and added the bagged cuttings to the garden coffin that has become the compost coffin until spring.  I am hoping the leaves will help the composting process over the winter.

Nature's fertilizer.

Hubby got the blower and corralled another heaping pile that he ran over with the mower and added them  to my flower beds.  To think that last year I did not even consider the leaves as a garden commodity.  We ran them over and left them to fertilize the grass, what a waste!  This year I am putting my new-found knowledge to use by utilizing every last leave to help in the effort of amending the icky dirt we have in our yard.

Gold to the gardener.

Putting the leaves to work in you garden is an easy project.  You can just add them to your compost pile, whole or shredded.  Shredding leaves helps them to break down faster.  You can make leaf mold by packing the leaves in plastic bags and letting the leaves break down for 6 months to a year.  The leaf mold mixed with the garden soil helps amend the soil and aids in water retention.  Read more on how to use leaves in the garden here.

However you choose to use them they are an asset to your garden and a free one at that!  Happy raking friends!

Cut Home Expenses – Money – Savings – Bargains – Deals – AARP

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Try homesteading. To boost their populations, some rural communities in Minnesota, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa provide free land to build a home, often with tax incentives. Do a Web search for “free land” or contact the Center for Rural Affairs for details.

via Cut Home Expenses – Money – Savings – Bargains – Deals – AARP.

Seed’s Of Durham NC

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Seed’s of Durham NC has a job opening announment.