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Columbus Day

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Today is a federal holiday to honor Christopher Columbus and the role he played in discovering the America’s.   For those of us who need a bit of a history refresher you can check out  Myths about Columbus’ Expeditions Dispelled.

Columbus definitely lead a simpler life and while I yearn for such, I  am sure glad that I am able to enjoy many of the creature comforts progress has brought us.  I do though  curse many technologies and blame them for the current madness that has encumbered many fine folks.  We have becoming glutinous with no regard to where the by-product of this gluttony goes.  Into the trash, creating landfills the size of football fields to dumping all sorts of products  down the drain, polluting our water sources.  Maybe today is the day to begin taking baby steps to living a more sustainable life.

Click the link above to see what small steps you can take today.  Every small effort helps the environment.  My personal journey began 2+ years ago.  Moving from a condo to a one acre plot has made me somewhat of an urban farmer wannabe.   This one acre and several small changes have made me more conscious of every choice I make in my daily life.  Today I have a garden that I am fighting with,  two  300 gallon rainbarrels, two clotheslines, one homemade wood and one of those umbrella style that I bought at a yard sale.  I have wanted to see how that style holds up. 

The clotheslines.

 A wood chipper to make my own wood chip mulch.  The other day I had my 25-year-old, living at home son, out in the yard picking up sticks.  After about 1/2 hour he asked “WHY”?  All the dead limbs, branches and even pine cones make mulch for my garden beds.

Picked up sticks.

The other small changes I have made

Big water saver for little $$$.
Cantaloupe from garden.

So you can see that it is possible to make changes that are simple and fun!