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Rain Barrel Question?

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I was reading Your Farm in the City by Lisa  Taylor and  there was information stating that rainwater from rooftops might be toxic.  Any one ever hear such a thing?   I have  two 300 gallon barrels and would hate to think that the water in them could be toxic.  I do use it for my vegetable garden.  Advice anyone?

Big water saver for little $$$.


Grow Your Own Mushroom Kit |

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Grow Your Own Mushroom Kit |

Here leaves, there leaves, nothing but leaves, leaves, leaves!

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We made good work on Saturday getting in a bit of yard work before dark by blowing and mulching the leaves in the yard.  I mowed part of the lawn and added the bagged cuttings to the garden coffin that has become the compost coffin until spring.  I am hoping the leaves will help the composting process over the winter.

Nature's fertilizer.

Hubby got the blower and corralled another heaping pile that he ran over with the mower and added them  to my flower beds.  To think that last year I did not even consider the leaves as a garden commodity.  We ran them over and left them to fertilize the grass, what a waste!  This year I am putting my new-found knowledge to use by utilizing every last leave to help in the effort of amending the icky dirt we have in our yard.

Gold to the gardener.

Putting the leaves to work in you garden is an easy project.  You can just add them to your compost pile, whole or shredded.  Shredding leaves helps them to break down faster.  You can make leaf mold by packing the leaves in plastic bags and letting the leaves break down for 6 months to a year.  The leaf mold mixed with the garden soil helps amend the soil and aids in water retention.  Read more on how to use leaves in the garden here.

However you choose to use them they are an asset to your garden and a free one at that!  Happy raking friends!

Don’t Poo Poo The Doo Doo

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Imagine the concept of saving your own poo!  ICK! Double ICK! There is a movement (heehee) going on in this department.  But the jury is till out on the concept called humanure.  You can read all about it here.

The Humanure Handbook – Center of the Humanure Universe 

Given that most of us have a hate relationship with our excretory system, I am pretty confident that this will be not become the norm.  But for the truly self-sufficient soul it may be just another way to put the poo to good.  From the earth back to the earth.  There are a number of ways to utilize the poo, you can purchase a composting toilet. 

Save the Earth!

Companies like Outdora sell self containing or full out composting systems for those interested in the humanure concept.  There are more primitive solutions such as the old style outhouse that will also work.  You can read some interesting history about outhouses @ The Outhouse’s of America Tour.

If you truly have a desire to compost your waste you must check out  Joseph Jenkins blog and books on the subject.  He appears to be a leading expert on poo uses.  He is the author of the book the Humanure Handbook listed above

While this concept may seem foreign to many of us it seems to be the logical conclusion to the  “in the mouth out the pooper “process.  And for those who practice it I am sure most adhere to an organic diet by being a vegetarian or a vegan.   But it is still important to  fully understand the process and not just dump human waste into your garden.  We do have many harmful bacteria that can be deadly living in our digestive track.  If you follow the rules and compost properly it believed  that the good bacteria will kill the bad. 

 For more information on the process you can also read what Grandpappy Robert Wayne Atkins writes on the humanure movement.  🙂

Happy Dirt!

The Garden Coffin

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So named because it looks like a big coffin laying in the backyard.  To bad we have no trick or treat traffic because it could have easily been turned into a scary Halloween feature.

Finished Garden Coffin

Hubby finally finished it last week. He did a great job!  Then came the realization that the dogs could jump into it, let’s hope that they won’t once plants are in it.  Then we realized the idea of using the fence for the climber crops of the garden was not well thought out.  We will just be giving the deer free rein at our vegetable garden buffet!  Come on Bambi….sidle up here to the all you can eat grazing bar. Unlimited vegetables just for you and your friends.

Then after he lined it with weedblocker and plastic on the sides to keep the dirt in, the dog jumped in…chasing a strange dog along the fence line that he was used to running around.  Damn people went and put this raised bed in my way… way, in I go…see mom…just try to mess up MY yard! 



The Garden Coffin w/Compost

So now it’s time to get some organic material in it.  That should keep Chester out.  So I truck my brewing compost  over and into the coffin…that is all ready with the nice weedblocker bottom and the plastic on the sides.  I get a good layer on the bottom, enough for one days work.  I do though lament over whether I should have put hardware cloth on the bottom, but I have not had a problem with critters down below so I couldn’t justify the work or the money.

Well if only the dog had not jumped in chasing the stray along the fence, and I had not trucked all the fill to keep him out.  I  would have found out that hardware cloth was necessary.  Next day our jack russell mix is out there sniffing n digging, so out I go to check out why.  I almost fall into the garden coffin, the ground is all squishy in front of it.  Damn moles tunneling under the garden coffin!  Now I will have to find out what will drive those pesky moles away before spring.


Told y’all in the beginning the NC dirt was gonna be the death of me. If it happens soon I can become part of the “organic compost”, in my garden coffin! 🙂