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Rain Barrel Question?

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I was reading Your Farm in the City by Lisa  Taylor and  there was information stating that rainwater from rooftops might be toxic.  Any one ever hear such a thing?   I have  two 300 gallon barrels and would hate to think that the water in them could be toxic.  I do use it for my vegetable garden.  Advice anyone?

Big water saver for little $$$.


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  1. Unfiltered rain water could have particles that might be toxic, since clouds need substance for the water molecules to adhere to….acid rain is real. Using it for your garden should be ok, since it will naturally filter through the soil and roots. The amount of toxic particles most likely is very low per billion, so FDA safe, unless you have a chemical plant or other noxious plant down wind from you. You could contact your local college geology department, or county cooperative extension and get their opinion.

    I would worry more about bacteria growing then toxic particles. If they are referring to the toxins in the plastic rain barrel leaching, then maybe keep them shaded and the water cooler so less gets in your water. You could always go extreme and make a non-edible plant filter/pond system with the water being cycled through that first.


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